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We’re here to make reading exciting, foster a habit of reading and bring bookworms together.

Our Goal

To create the world’s biggest reading community.

Our Vision

To create a place where book lovers, authors, publishers, libraries, book clubs, and bookstores come together all at once!

Connect with Fellow Bibliophiles

Immersive Literary Experiences

Embark on unforgettable literary journeys that transport you beyond the pages!

Bookstore Bliss

Find joy in every aisle—where each book is a new adventure!

Unwrap Literary

Discover imaginative treasures with each unwrapped book!

Building/curating libraries across India

Curating literary havens, one bookshelf at a time, across India!

Crafting relationships with Institutions

Forge literary bonds with institutions, fostering a love for reading!

First Glimpse of Tomorrow’s Hits

Catch tomorrow’s literary gems before they hit the shelves!

Craft Your Narrative

Unleash your creativity, crafting a narrative uniquely yours!

Spotlight on You!

Get a chance to feature on the Foster Reads page!

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What Our Customers Say

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Simran Dudeja

Working with Foster Reads was a fantastic experience. I did a podcast shoot on the cover reveal event of my debut novel 'Like a Summer Song'. From shoot to content, the team managed everything very effortlessly. The creative direction was very relevant to my book marketing activities. Their professionalism and dedication made the entire process smooth and creatively fulfilling. The short form content that came out of it has been a great marketing tool to create the buzz around my book launch.

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Priyanka Verma

Working with Foster Reads was an absolute pleasure. Their personalized approach to book promotion in New Delhi book fair, coupled with their professionalism was to my amaze , which resulted in a highly effective campaign for my book- "Awaken the self love queen within you". A special thanks to the efforts of Naghma and her team, my book gained significant exposure and reached a wider audience than I could have imagined. I highly recommend Foster Reads to any author seeking expert promotion services

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Chinmay Patgaonkar

I got to know about Foster Reads before they were acquired by Hubhawks. I admire their mission which is to enhance the literary community and bring readers and writers together. Both the reader and writer in me were amazed by this. Destiny played its card as I found out that Hubhawks acquired Foster Reads and one day I received a call from Naghma--a very energetic and chirpy person who told me everything about Foster Reads and that she wanted to record an episode with me on Foster Talks. "

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